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Please select from our menu below 
   $15Hot Pastrami sandwich on rye bread with deli coleslaw and a pickle (in a clamshell)
   $15Hot Corned Beef sandwich on rye bread with deli coleslaw and a pickle (in a clamshell)

   $18 / lb
   $18 / lb

   $12 for 2 piecesAnita Bernstein's famous stuffed rolled cabbage
   $10 for 2 packNosh Savory Knishes

   $12 for 1/4 sheet panGrandma Rose's Sweet Kugel
   $10 for 1 quartGrandma Malin's Matzo Ball Soup (includes 2 matzo balls per quart)

   $10 for 1/2 lbBubbie's Famous Chopped Liver
   $8 for a 4oz packBrooklyn Classic Smoked Nova

   $6 for 1 loafMarcie Rosenberg's Kosher Challah
   $5 for 1/2 loafPiantedosi Jewish Rye Bread

   Chocolate Babka (1 loaf cake) - $12.00
   Cinnamon Babka (1 loaf cake) - $12.00Green’s Baka is Certified Kosher and Pareve, made of natural ingredients, and baked in a certified nut-free and dairy-free kitchen. Green’s  Babka will stay fresh in a sealed, unopened bag for up to 8 weeks. It can be frozen. Serve either at room temperature or slightly heated.
   Cinnamon Rugelach (14 pieces) - $12.00
   Chocolate Rugelach (14 pieces) - $12.00
   Vanilla Rugelach (14 pieces) - $12.00Green's Rugelach is the perfect treat for any occasion. Green’s certified kosher Rugelach are made from a yeast dough and filled with sweet filling, similar to a mini flavored croissant. Green’s Rugelach are made with all-natural, nut-free ingredients.  Certified kosher pareve with a shelf life of 6 - 8 weeks in an unopened sealed bag.

   $5 for a pack of 3
   6-pack of Dr. Brown's Black Cherry - $6.00
   6-pack of Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry - $6.00
   6-pack of Dr. Brown's Cream - $6.00
   6-pack of Dr. Brown's Diet Cream - $6.00Dr. Brown's Soda.  Pick your favorite!

   $4 for 12oz bottleSaval Deli Kosher Mustard
   $6 for 1 quartSchorr's Famous New York Half-sour Pickles
   $5 for 1 pintNew York Style Vinegar Deli Slaw

* Would you like your Nosh delivered?  Delivery available in the Charleston Metro area.  $25 fee applies.

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Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782