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Committee & Auxiliary Leaders

Committees are vital to the day-to-day operation of the congregation. Members are encouraged to serve on a variety of committees and to become involved in the planning and development of future programs. 

Bereavement Committee: Dunlap Silver, Chair


Blue Book Committee: Ed and Bonnie Silverberg, Chairs




Building & Grounds: Steve Ziff and Larry Lipov, Chairs


Caring Committee: Judith Green, Chair​​​


Cemetery Committee: Edward Kronsberg and Louis Tick, Chairs


Charleston Area Justice Ministry (CAJM): LuAnn Rosenzweig, Chair


Circles: Stephanie Zweben, Chair


Coming Street Cemetery: Mary Radin and Anita Rosenberg, co-Chairs


Communications Committee : Mindelle Ziff, Chair


Development Committee: Amy Davis, VP Development


Docents: Jeff Alexander, Chair


Executive Committee: Paige Williams, Chair


Finance Committee: Paul Hopmeier, Treasurer


Governance Committee: Monte Fried, VP Governance


Heritage and Fine Arts: Anita Rosenberg and Andy Slotin, Chairs


• Historic Coming Street Cemetery Trust:


Investment Committee: Paul Hopmeier, Treasurer


Leadership: Eileen Fried, Chair

Library Task Force: available


Lifelong Learning Committee: Beth Sherr, Chair


Lowcountry Nosh: Charleston Food and Heritage Festival: Jeff Weinman, Chair


Membership: Hillary Mahon, VP, Membership


Nominating Committee: Jeff Weinman and Eileen Fried, Chairs


Personnel Committee: Naomi Gorstein, Chair


Programming Committee: Hillary Mahon, Chair


Religious School Committee: Jonathan Elias, Chair


Reopening and Resumption Task Force: Monte Fried, Chair


Ritual Committee: Sue Weinman, Chair


Safety and Security Committee: Monte Fried, Chair


Sisterhood:Marilyn Gordon and Cynthia Hodosh, Presidents


Social Action and Advocacy Committee: Laura Isenstein and Lila Trussler, Co-Chairs


Tourism Committee: available


If you have any additional questions about any of the above opportunities, please contact the KKBE office at 843-723-1090 or

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783